I'm Chelena your Content Creation Coach!

I would definitely highly recommend Chelena's services for your creative content needs.


We exist to give you the knowledge, resources & access to a network so that you can transform your business in 12 months!

We are so excited to share with you all of the amazing things available in this space and to be apart of your story as you transform your business into what you’ve alway desired in your heart.

We are here to:

  • Give you access to the tools you need to resurrect your lifeless social media & online presence
  • Connect you with trusted advisors who spill the tea on all things business & visability
  • Give you access to a network of other black business owners  who you can partner with, share contacts, leads & ultimately secure more sales

We are literally bursting with excitement for you to get into the Vault and hoover up all this goodness!

Check out a sample of the images we give to our members in our digital resource library...

Examples images in The Black Business Vault

Join us in the Vault and get access to a fool proof system that not only lays out a success path for your business but gives you the resources to make the hard bits easy.

How would you like to be given a content plan for the month, with suggestions and pointers for what you can post that month? How about a bundle of ready to go stock images for the month to slot into your content, with professional photos of people that looks like you? 

How about being a part of a community who are being held accountable to transform their business on a fortnightly basis?

We have systems and processes in place to make sure no one gets left behind.

Listen I’ll say it again we are so excited for you to get into the Vault and switch things up in your business!

Whilst you're ponder joining, would it be ok if we gift you 20 stock photos for you to use as you wish in your business? With an accompanying simple to follow 1 page document to help you tailor the images to fit your business.

Say good bye to confusion or overwhelm when it comes to showing up online


Things are about to get a lot easier!

Building a business requires you to do all the things well if you want the results you desire.

One thing we can help you with is showing up strong for your business online - No more stress or overwhelm because you have no idea what to post today, you've missed a few days or even weeks and have not gone to ground...

It's ok we have a system that will get you back up & running, with awareness of your business growing & the new freedom to work on your business & not only in it...Sound good?


Grab your free Content Prompts

Friend I see your struggles, you are a busy Business Owner with a zillion things on your to do list, you are overwhelmed and you haven't posted on your social media account for a few days - Don't fret I've got 20 content prompts for to use just click the button below to request.