9 Ways A Business Owner Should be Using Pinned Posts on Instagram

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Grid pinning was rolled out in June 2022 on Instagram – Tiktok has had it for a while and so I’m excited to have this new feature and to get more juice from my content on Instagram.

You have the ability to pin 3 posts to the top of your grid on Instagram…

Before you begin, make sure you have the latest version of Instagram.

This feature provides a valuable new way to highlight your content & there are a few ways that a business owner can use it to spotlight their content…


  • Use it as prime real estate to promote new products or services that you are launching or a promotion that you have running & want to get eyes on – As a business, we need to let people know what they can buy from you otherwise why are you on the platform?
  • If you don’t have any promotions or new stuff on at the moment go through your grid and pull out the posts that did well, engagement, comments, shares, saves etc look for evergreen content and pin that.
  • Pin your best-performing content; who doesn’t like the popular kid?!?! When someone lands on your grid and sees that your content is popping they will want to get involved – But it’s also good if you want partnerships or to work with brands this totally shows them your numbers and engagement.
  • Use it as an opportunity to introduce yourself to your audience – Pin a piece of content where you say who you are, who you help, why you are unique etc
  • Check the analytics of your pinned posts, and take a before and after snapshot, we are hoping to see if pinning made a difference but also to get a sense of what type of content your audience is attracted to – Do reels work best in your pinned posts? Do videos or photos of your face get more engagement or does content where you teach something get people engaging with you?
  • Spotlight/pin the main thing you want to say – even though you can pin 3, by only doing one you are saying ‘listen this is the most important thing! Pay attention to this!!!’ – When we have few things to focus on there is a risk we miss the main point.
  • Use it to point people to other platforms where they can get more of your content – Do you have a YT channel that you want to promote? When your ideal client stumbles across you and falls in love, they will want to know all the places they can get more of you.
  • Use it to position yourself as an expert if you have been featured in an article or have been given an award; this type of content creates social proof and shows you as credible.
  • Customer testimonials – Again show credibility and people are attracted when other people have tested your product or service and received good results.

Don’t dos

  • Leave pinned posts pinned for two long, visitors to your page will see the pinned posts first and it may look like you haven’t posted new content and they may just bounce and miss your new stuff – Set a reminder in your phone or project management tool to review your pinner posts to avoid this happening.
  • Just pin a popular reel of you dancing up a storm but most likely not giving value or speaking directly to your ideal client on how you can help them…Yes I said it lol

Are you pinning your posts currently? Are you pinning them effectively? I’d love you to leave me a comment and let me know!

Much love Chelena x

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