We are The Black Business Vault!

A digital library for Black Business Owners - Where we provide the tools to improve your content so that you can get more visability online.

Community + content for the win!

The Vault is first and foremost a community of Black Business Owners who all have a desire to get our businesses in front of the right eyes.

The community that is being formed realise that the content they produce is the key to attracting those eyes and so have partnered with the BBV - A digital platform focused on giveing you all that you need to see results in your sales, bookings, members what ever it is for you.

The Business Owners in the community are ready to do the work to see the results...We can give all the tools in the world but in order to see results you need to put them to work.

If you need to be help accountable and you need to be intentional month on month with setting goals and producing content that pushes you toward achieving those goals then this is a space that you need to be a part of.

Open to men and women, Black business owners, as well as other races; on the undestanding that this is a safe space for Black business owners to bring their whole self into the group, on our calls and in person meetup expect our encouters to be colourful & kept real; if this works for you then join us!

We welcome seasoned business owners and newbies so long as levelling up your content is on your agenda.


The Vault is a space where WE win!

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