How Small Business Owners Can Adopt a Confident Mindset When Creating Video Content

Photo of a black woman confidently recording video content on her mobile phone.

Getting on camera to market your small business isn’t always the easiest thing to do…Many business owners avoid showing up on camera when creating content because they lack confidence; and especially the confidence to create video content.

In this blog we will be discussing all things to do with the mindset that should be adopted when creating video content. How to shut down the negative self talk so that you can show up on camera with confidence.

In my interactions with entrepreneurs, as I help them with their content, they often share a number of reasons (Some would say excuses) that they cling to for why they don’t want to create video content where they have to show their face online…

They want the visibility for their business, but they don’t want to get visible…I will be unpacking some of the reasons and suggesting a necessary change to how we think about the act of getting in front of the camera. 

But before we do ask yourself if…

“You have reservations about creating video content?”

Are you not producing video content for your business because you think that you have to be front and centre? Well just know you are not alone and there are alternatives…

So, let me lift the hood on some of the things that I’ve heard about why people don’t show up for their business; and please don’t be mistaken I don’t have all of my ish together either and have used some or all of these reasons at some point in my entrepreneurial journey, so this is as much for me as it is for you…

So these are some of the common reasons, maybe you can relate to them…

1. We can be secretive

Humans for the most part can be pretty secretive and especially my melanated brothers and sisters, we generally don’t want ‘people’ to know our business, in other words, to know what is occurring in our life… Which is quite strange right, because you’re in business, but you don’t want people to know you’re in business… It’s like the best kept secret.

And sometimes for good reason, our nearest and dearest can often have some things to say that don’t really encourage us to share…Do any of Nancy’s comment sound familiar lol?

…These kind of comments and energy causes us to act like we are on a secret mission, building our business, but not letting others know through fear of what they may say. 

Or maybe we don’t share what we are doing because we would become accountable and actually have to do the work and not teeter around the edges…

Or it’s often the case that your employer might not encourage you to have a side hustle and may question your commitment to them. 

2. We worry about how we look/sound… 

Another reason that people share is that they are worried about their physical appearance. If our hair is not done then that’s an absolute no no for many…The ladies especially will be very familiar with this reason…And in fact so will some of the fellas…If your hair is overgrown it’s like defcon 1 and you are ready to move heaven and earth to get your hair hooked up.

And I get it…Who wants to step out of the house, let alone stream live to the world, when you know that your edges aren’t done or your relaxer needs touching up or whatever the case may be. 

People are also often worried about how they sound. They have heard themselves back on a video and been horrified and cringe every time it is played. One business owner shared on a Lunch & Learn Zoom call that I ran all about this topic that she felt like she sounded like a Chipmunk on helium!!!

Thoughts around how we sound can be a strong reason that stops us from confidently creating video content.

Photo of a black woman sat at a desk, taking into a microphone

3. We hold fears around not having an aesthetically pleasing backdrop

Others have stated that they don’t have the right environment to record in, and have expressed concerns about the look of their background, or they are worried about their family or housemates moving in and out of their recording or God forbid interrupting or  making noise in the background.

4. We don’t know what we would speak about on video

This is often the case with product based businesses, they tend to push back and say  “What would I speak about???” Concerned that they would be boring people with the product description that could easily read… 

5. We think we do not have the right tech or gadgets

Tech often comes up in conversations with business owners on the topic of getting in front of the camera. They think they need all the things, but I always respond that if you have a mobile phone…Then you absolutely already have the right tech, in the palm of your hands!

A photo of tech gadgets for recording video content - There is a ring light, a DSLR Camera, memory cards, headphones and a hard drive in the images

The opportunity in front of us

But friend, if I told you that 66% of people say that they prefer to learn about our products and services by watching a short video, would that make a difference? 

Would that encourage you to show up for your business? 

If 66% of people are intentionally looking for what you’re offering rather than you having to push your message would that change the way that you think? 

I think that that is pretty exciting and I hope you feel that excitement as well!

What’s the solution?

So given that we’ve discussed some of the barriers…We’ve also seen the opportunity in front of us…What is the solution? Is there one? 

I think in order to overcome our barriers and grab a hold of the opportunity of getting your business in front of people that are searching for a video on the products or services that you offer…I would say that the solution is… a mindset shift…

It’s a shifting of your mindset and I’ll start by saying this hard truth, with love… 

It’s not about you…

A gif of Barack Obama giving a speech and dropping a mic

It’s actually not about you…It’s about your product, your service, your message….Whatever it is that you need to bring to the world…That thing that God has put on the inside of you that you need to deliver and not block or stifle…That thing that you are called to do…

It’s soooo not about you. It really is about the thing that you offer. Let the world hear about that. Let the world hear how you are going to help them. How are you going to bring transformation in their life or business; that is actually what it is about…

Why you should ignore the gurus

Because they are not telling that it’s a you problem…And your mindset needs to shift! 

…I hope we are still friends? 

…Are you still here? 


I hope so because now I’m gonna soothe the harsh but true words I just gave you…

Friend it’s absolutely okay to start where you are…It’s okay to start in the way that you’re confident with!

I think that that’s quite countercultural actually to what some of the gurus teach.

…They will say to you:

“fake it till you make it”

“just get your face out there”

“Just do it!”

“Just go for it”...

There’s a couple of issues with that because if you are not confident, if you’re not comfortable, you’re not going to be consistent and consistency is what wins in terms of online visibility. 

So, you showing up on camera one day, faking it, absolutely hating the experience and never doing it again is not the wisest thing you can do.

But also by taking that advice, sticking a camera in front of your face and coming across like a rabbit in headlights with staccato words, stiff awkward body language and darting eyes, will never come across well to your audience.

So please start where you’re confident, the benefits compound and eventually you get to a place where you are ready to move to the next level of camera confidence, whatever that looks like for you.

Let me wrap this one up

Next week for the next instalment on this topic where I will be walking you through some practical steps and tactics that you can easily and quickly implement to market your small business on video without having to show your face on camera…There will be a variety of options for you to choose from so stay close…

I will be blogging every other Monday so check back then or I can send you an email when it’s available for you to read and a notification will land in your inbox for you to check it out at your convenience just join my Friends List here

I hope that you found this blog helpful in showing you that you are not abnormal, not everyone is confident in getting in front of the camera, but you can start where you are with the intention in mind that you will grow in confidence over time.

But in the meantime use the faceless methods I’ll share next week to seize the opportunity of being found in searches by those who need what you have to offer.

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  1. Michelle (Mrs Mummy PhD) on June 1, 2023 at 5:55 am

    You are so right here! Great blog post 🙂

    • Chelly Content on June 1, 2023 at 9:04 pm

      Thanks Michelle – A confident mindset is definitely what makes the difference!

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