Faceless but Memorable: Three Practical Strategies for Creating Powerful Video Content

3 ways to create faceless video content from The Black Business Vault

In the last blog we looked at the mindset needed to create video content. We spoke about your content being created only and solely for the benefit of your audience. We spoke about how having a confident mindset when creating faceless or full faced video content would allow you to serve and be seen – online visibility only comes about when you overcome the barriers that we place in our minds.

I mentioned that there are a number of approaches you can take, where you put your business out there in video format, without having to also put your face front and centre.

Let’s get into some of the options…

1. By Recording Your Process or Screen

We spend so much time on our phones, or on our computers and so they provide the perfect means to create video content without showing your face.

Creating tutorials, webinars, product demonstrations, or walkthroughs are a great way to put this approach to use.

In my digital resource library membership I create a number of walkthrough videos; showing the new content that has been added each month and for new members, especially, we use these videos as a tool to orient them to the resources, and how to use them.

Could you show the tools, apps & processes you are using in your business? Your audience would love to see what you are doing, how you are creating the things that you’re create, the way that you organise stuff, the tools you use to stay productive…People be nosey so show the people what they want to see lol

Could you record your screen giving an exclusive behind the scenes look, being sure to add value by providing context, teaching or inspiring in the caption of the video to make it even more valuable?

For example if you are a candle maker, you could record your process, the tools you use, the finished product, how you package…You get the idea…This would be a valuable video that would be beneficial to someone considering purchasing your product.

Tees Wax – An example of a Black business owner using faceless video well


In a world where we have so many options, just shouting “Buy my stuff, buy my stuff” loudest from the online street corners is not gonna work in this day and age…

The Black Business Vault

There are various tools that you could use ranging from free to paid, simple to complex.

Some suggestions that come to mind are:

QuickTime Player, Loom, Zoom, Camtasia and then the screen recorder on your smart phone.

I am a Mac user so I use QuickTime Player frequently. It’s is free with the Apple Mac and so a no brainer… Additionally I have upgraded to the paid version of Loom which I love due to the fact it’s easy to use, delivers great quality and the price is palatable for me as a small business.

If I can be honest Loom is my tool of choice for these tasks. I often make quick videos with Loom showing a member in the Vault  how to do something, I can just quickly fire that out to them, I can send them a link and then it notifies me when they’ve watched it…And if the Q isn’t sensitive or doesn’t discloses personal or proprietary  information I can use that recording as a piece of content in my arsenal #everythingiscontent

An example of a Black Business Vault Walkthrough Video

1.1 Things to Consider

  • I’d always say choose a tool that suits your needs and budget, perhaps starting with free or trial options before shelling out for the paid versions.
  • If you are planning to add your voice over the video, before you start recording, create a script or outline of what you want to say. 
  • I don’t suggest that you read it word for word, but having a few bullets of the points you want to hit will make for a smoother flow, reduce you having to do multiple takes, and ultimately save time on the editing.
  • And you are gonna want to ensure you have decent audio quality…
  • Poor audio quality can distract viewers and make your content appear less professional. You could use a noise-cancelling microphone or just record in a quiet space…Please don’t let all the possibilities with the tech here cause you to take no action.
  • Before you start the screen recording, take a few minutes to tidy up your desktop, close your 101 tabs & turn off your notifications to avoid distractions or disclosing any personal information.

Once you have captured your recording, you may decide to edit, again there are varying levels to this. You could just trim off the ends or you may need to clip out the mistakes you make during the recording.

There are various video editing software packages you could use to polish up your video. Some are app based, others are on the computer. Some free, some paid; again it all comes down to how deep you want to go and how much time and money you want to invest into creating your video content.

I flit between an app called Splice and iMovie on my Mac but feel free to check out the following:

Adobe Premiere Pro, Splice, Final Cut Pro X, CapCut, Descript and you can also edit using the video editor app on your phone, but expect that it will be pretty basic.

All of these editing tools will allow you to use text overlays, include transitions, and adjust the audio so go forth and create!

The last thing I would add where this is concerned is that you absolutely have to include a call to action (CTA) either in the video or with the text that supports the video. 

Remember you are creating this video content for your business and not a hobby and therefore it has to have a mission or a purpose that you really should have decided on before you picked up your phone or your camera to record…

In our signature Masterclass in the Vault which teaches you how to create your Content Strategy I go into all the deets on creating content that is purpose driven and linked to your overarching business goals.

I will be making this training available as a standalone course that you can purchase outright or maybe you should consider joining us in the Vault where we are all about creating goal driven content; because far too often I see peeps putting stuff out onto the web just on vibes and the nagging feeling that they know they should…

2. By Recording Your Voice

If no one has ever told you there is power in your voice…No really it doesn’t matter how you sound or how you think you sound, your voice can be used as a tool to foster connection with a listener and increase the know, like and trust factor.

And did you know that a high percentage of people listen to videos instead of watching them, maybe they are driving, working out or having a little sneaky listen at work.

This further reiterates that seeing your face is not a mandatory requirement for successfully growing your business online. As lovely as your face is, it’s not crucial that we see it.

But in a bid to get your message out there could you create video content that is driven by your voice?

And right now your inner thoughts are probably screaming at you

“But you know how terrible your voice sounds…You’ve heard yourself on a recording…You don’t sound great!”

Said your inner thoughts…

And if I can just take a moment to clap back with those thoughts of yours…The way that you hear your voice is not the way that everyone else does; it has something to do with the way the bones in our ears rattle and so what we hear is actually a distorted version…I remember my year 6 primary school teacher teaching us this…

But the long and short of it is…Your voice is your voice and your face is your face…With that said can we just move on? (I think that was potentially another mic drop moment…) 

But really I say that in love, truly hoping that you recognise that there are people who are waiting for you to show up with your message, your product, your service and with you placing the emphasis on yourself you miss those people who want and need you!

In the lockdown, in another business I run, I resorted to creating videos that where voice based, I opted not to show my face as often, owing to my hair doing nothing but causing mayhem…So I knew I had a message to deliver and so thought how can I still show up for my business with out showing my situation…

So I started an Instagram based mini podcast, it was so simple and stress free to create

I now know that this type of content is called an audiogram, but I just knew I had to think outside of the box…

I basically used my phone to record a voice note, using the free, easily accessible voice recorder that you get as standard on a smartphone and combined that with a graphic I created in Canva

…Canva is my bae. Like literally I love Canva… But let me stay on track lol

So, how simple is that? Many of us already use Canva? And most of us have smart phones with a voice recording app…So could you do this? Could you create voice based video content?

Add a trending audio in the background, create an engaging & keyword rich caption  and you are good to go. 

2.1 You Will Want to Consider the Following Before Getting Started…

  • Your audio quality…This has come up again and I will tell you why…It’s really important, people will endure through a video that has poor camera quality but they will tap out if they can’t hear you.
  • You can pick up an inexpensive microphone on Amazon for a few quid and make a big difference to your audio quality. I use a USB microphone that I can plug directly into my phone or laptop, and it works really well and is great to just get started.
  • Getting into a quiet environment is still free thankfully lol as nobody wants to hear your TV going in the background or your tumble dryer about to take off, that degrades your audio quality and impacts the viewer’s experience. 
  • Standing up whilst recording opens your diaphragm and will result in a clearer and more dynamic voice – Now this I remember from my days studying performing arts… It’s a great little tip, and has served me well as I find that standing gives me more confidence and energy to remain engaging.
  • Again you will want to have some key points that you want to make, this will help you to stay on topic but also sound natural and not scripted – Think about the pace of your speech, if you know you speak fast slow it down and if you are the opposite maybe try adding a little variety into your pace so that people don’t nod off.
  • Use audio editing software to remove any mistakes, reduce background noise, and adjust volume levels – You know the drill they range in price and complexity but go ahead and do the research on the following:

Descript, Audacity, GarageBand, SpliceAdobe Audition

3. By Hosting a Webinar 

Another way that you could show up without having to physically show your face is to host a webinar.

There is no need to have your camera on…In some cases I think that the camera can be a distraction from the content.

You could create it with or without and an audience. So long as you have something valuable to deliver then you absolutely should prepare to create and record this type of content. 

Fire up, zoom, turn your mic on, and literally share your message. This can be incredibly impactful and valuable for your audience and yourself as you now have a long form piece of content that you can repurpose…Speaking of repurposing…

Grab the free eBook here

In doing this you will then have content that you can promote on different platforms such as Youtube. You can chop up the long form content and make a number of short form pieces. So whether that’s a TikTok, a Reel, a Short on YouTube you can create content on those platforms from the webinar that you hosted. 

Or how about you use it in your email market campaigns? What you have created should be value packed and a great resource to share with those in your inner circle. 

3.1 Things to Consider

  • Giving some thought to the webinar platform that you will use is necessary. There are a variety of options at the moment. The majority will all allow you to share your screen, use virtual whiteboards, and interact with attendees through polls & the chat feature.

Check out these options:

  • Think about the structure and flow of your presentation, as the expert on your niche you have to be able to go back to first principles and take your audience on the journey so that you teach and not lose folks… 
  • Ensure that it is visually appealing and engaging – Use software like Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Apple’s Keynote or my all time fav Canva to create your slides…Did I mention I love Canva?!?!
  • Making sure your audio quality is good comes up again…I hope you are starting to see a pattern…With all of these approaches, as you won’t be showing your face, your voice becomes the primary means of communication and so we need to ensure that your audio quality is good so that the value you are giving can be received.
  • You may want to consider editing your webinars – again you could just clip the tops and tails or go all in and remove your ummmms arrrrrrs, the interruptions or where you stumbled and fluffed your word…You can just chop that out. Descript is great for easy editing getting rid of your audible thinking time…I’m so glad I’ve discovered this feature as we don’t realise how often we ‘buffer’ as we like to call it in our house lol

Let me wrap this one up

Next week for the final instalment in this series I will be talking about what happens next once you have been you’ve been practicing, putting out faceless videos for a while, getting used to hearing your voice online…I think the next logical step is starting to get visible…In a safe environment…And I will share with you how you can do this, giving you practical steps so stay close…

I will be blogging every other Monday so check back then or I can send you an email when it’s available for you to read and a notification will land in your inbox for you to check it out at your convenience just join my Friends List here

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