Start That Business…


Being a business owner is hard; being a black business owner is doubly hard but I just wanted to take time out to share and hopefully encourage someone who has a vision in their heart but is waiting for every possible element to align before they step out boldly and do what their vision outlines.

I knew what that I had a vision to serve business owners and use my God given talents and skills – I knew that what I had to offer would bless others…But I held back waiting for every facet of my baby business to be in its perfect final state…I eventually came to the revelation that that is nonsense!!! I’m not Apple or Nike with an endless marketing budget or massive team of staff who can bring my vision to life at the drop of a word.

I can however come up with something that is perfect for right now, perfect for my ideal clients and perfect for me.

I can embrace and love what I create, and be fearless in sharing it with the world – There are individuals that I dont know yet who are waiting for me to enter their lives and make an impact – How many people are waiting for you to do that thing that has been placed on your heart, but you are waiting for it to all be perfect

BUT hear me! Where I am now is NOT where I will remain. Use your NOW as a platform for growth and expansion.

Stay healthy in your mind, body, spirit and business and watch things grow.

Start now and love every moment of your growth, track it and see how far you have come, it’s a marathon not a sprint, and them that shows up every day and moves at a steady pace wins!

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