Content Audits

Lets get your content together. It's time you knew what to put out there to show your awesomeness!


It may feel painful, but there is purpose in the process

The process of getting a content audit can feel painful...Bearing your work for review can leave you feeling very exposed...Friend I get it - But lets be clear, you are putting your content out to the world for their review and their scrolling by gives you no pointers for improvements!

Breathe, be bold and request an audit so you get a steer on what you need to do more of, what you need to stop and what you should absoutely start.

I review your content across multiple platforms, and forms of content, to give you  detailed recommemdations.


What's the investment

The audits are £30, which is really good value! You'll come away with clarity concerning your content and practical action steps, which you can start to implement immediately.

Payment is taken at the time of booking and due to the digital nature of the work refunds are not given - So please ask any Qs before booking.

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